Cleaning Your Vehicle While It’s in for Service

Cleaning Your Vehicle While It's in for Service

During these difficult times, Land Rover Louisville remains dedicated to protecting the health and safety of both our customers and employees. In an effort to prevent the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19), we are taking all the necessary precautions and closely following the guidelines set by the CDC and the Kentucky Department for Public Health.

One aspect which we’re giving extra attention to is cleaning and disinfecting your vehicle while it’s in for service. We are committed to keeping your vehicle clean while it’s in our care and returning it to you completely clean as well. You can trust our team to treat your vehicle with the highest levels of care when you visit any of our locations. Below, we have listed the steps we’re taking to ensure that our customers stay safe and healthy when servicing their vehicles at Land Rover Louisville.

Cleaning Service

How We Clean Your Vehicle During Service

Our team gives extra attention to cleaning and disinfecting high-touch surfaces and areas both inside and outside of your vehicle while it’s in for service at no cost to you. The following areas will be cleaned using a CDCP-approved disinfectant once we receive your vehicle AND once again before it is returned to you once service has been completed:

  • Door handles (in/out)
  • Steering wheel
  • Armrests
  • Mirror and controls
  • Visor
  • Shift lever
  • Door lock controls
  • Multifunction lever
  • Turn signal
  • Radio and climate controls
  • Console
  • Seat
  • Key fob
  • Window controls

We will also use a protective seat cover, steering wheel cover, and floor mat cover as an extra level of protection while your vehicle is in our care.

Finally, customer vehicles are not the only aspects of our service business facilities receiving extra care. High-touch surfaces and areas within our dealership facilities receive the same attention to keep them clean at all times. Each member of our staff is rigorously following hand-washing and social distancing guidelines set by the CDC.

We’d also like to take this opportunity to remind you that you can take advantage of our complimentary pick-up and drop-off services available at each of our locations. Your vehicle can get the service it needs without the need for you to leave the comfort of your home. Whether you choose to bring the vehicle in yourself or use our pick-up and drop-off service — you can be assured that your vehicle will be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected before it is returned to you. Here at Land Rover Louisville, we remain committed to fighting the spread of COVID-19 while providing our customers with the same world-class service experience they have come to expect.