Service Specials

Free Multi-Point Inspection

Questions about your vehicle? Let us provide some answers with a complimentary inspection. We’ll do a complete inspection and provide you a written report of it’s current condition and anything that needs attention.

EXPIRES: 04/30/2018
Alignment Check - $39.95

Spring is pothole season, and if you’ve had the unfortunate experience of hitting one, it may well have knocked your Land Rover out of alignment. No worries though, because during the month of  April we’ll inspect your suspension components, tires, and check the alignment on your Land Rover – all for just $39.95!

If your Land Rover needs an alignment, the cost of this inspection will be credited toward the alignment!

* Must provide coupon at time of write up. Cannot be applied to previous sales. Additional suspension work may be needed at additional costs.

EXPIRES: 04/30/2018