Land Rover Encore Specialist

Land Rover Encore Specialist

Our number one priority at Land Rover Louisville is to ensure that you have the best driving experience that you can have. Unlike some dealerships, our commitment to this goal doesn’t end when you purchase your new Range Rover, Discovery, or Defender. That’s why we have the Encore Delivery Program. One to three weeks after you purchase your new vehicle, we will schedule an appointment at your convenience for you to meet with a specialist to answer any questions you may have. We know that the purchasing process can result in information overload – and sometimes you can forget to ask important questions or maybe you have new questions now that you have been driving your new vehicle for a few days.

How the Encore Delivery Program Works

Because of our continuous commitment to our customers, we are here to answer any and all questions you may have about the many exciting features of your new Range Rover, Discovery, or Defender vehicle. When shopping for such a capable SUV, you will be naturally curious about the capabilities and unique features of each model on your list. Of course, we’ll cover as much of that as we can on your initial visit to Land Rover Louisville.

However, we know it’s a whole lot of information to take in at one time. That’s where the Encore Delivery Program is especially helpful as it provides access to our Encore Specialist’s expertise even after you leave our dealership and drive home in your new Range Rover, Discovery, or Defender. Should you need any kind of refresher or tutorial on the many advanced features of your new SUV, we’re here to be your guide!

Benefits of The Encore Delivery Program

In addition to a luxurious shopping experience, customers that choose Land Rover Louisville will enjoy a host of additional perks. Our Encore Delivery Program provides many benefits including:

  • We can clear up any confusion about how certain features work or what they’re capable of.
  • We can answer questions and explain features you might not have known to ask about at first or during your initial visit to the dealership.
  • We can instruct family members or other individuals on how to operate the vehicle and its many features, especially if they missed the first delivery.
  • We think it’s easier to learn about your new vehicle in an environment that feels familiar and comfortable. This means that we can come to your location at your convenience.

Meet Your Land Rover Encore Specialist

Kyle Geltmaker

Kyle Geltmaker

Certified Encore Specialist

Direct: 502-515-8850
Cell: 502-552-6294
Email: [email protected]